Advantages of Having a Residency?

-You are not limited by the length of your stay on Roatan

(after arriving on the island, you will receive a 30 to 90-day confirmed stay in your passport,
if you want to stay longer, you must go to the immigration office and they will extend your stay for a fee)

-If you fly to Roatan, you don’t have to wait in line at the airport (up to 3 hours), but you go in line as a local citizen

-In case of any problem (see Covid) they must allow you access to Roatan

-The local authorities look at you better than an ordinary tourist

– You can arrange Honduran citizenship for the future




2,500 – 3,500 USD / 61,500 – 86,500 Lempir / 57,000 – 80,000 CZK*

*Prices given are based on the exchange rates in November 2023. 

Prices when renting will be recalculated according to the current exchange rate.


 The duration of residency processing is at least 6 months


What Residency Can You Have?

Rentier Residency:

Get this if you have a steady monthly income of $2,500 from abroad.
You’ll need to put it into a bank account in Roatan.

Retirement Residency:

If you get $1,500 every month from outside Roatan,
you can qualify for this residency by depositing it into a local bank.

Work Permit Residency:

For those planning to work in Roatan with a permanent residence status.

Business Residency:

Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in Roatan.

Investor Residency:

If you’re making investments, this residency is an option.

Marriage and Family Residency:

Options for those married to a Honduran citizen or having a child with one.

Each residency type has specific requirements, and we’ll provide details based on your chosen option.

Requirements for Adults:

Copy of your passport (both sides with the photo page).
A recent photograph.
Criminal record check from the Czech Republic, legalized with an apostille.
A local bank account in Roatan.

Requirements for Minors:

Copy of the passport (both sides with the photo page).
A recent photograph.
Birth certificate, legalized with an apostille.
Power of attorney from the legal representative, legalized with an apostille.

Fee for Processing Residency:

  • Opening a bank account in a Honduran bank for an individual:

    200 USD / 5,000 Lempiras / 4,500 CZK

  • Opening a bank account in Honduran bank for a legal entity:

    500 USD / 12,000 Lempiras / 11,000 CZK*

  • Establishing a new company:

    3,000 USD / 74,500 Lempiras / 67,500 CZK*

  • Sale of an existing company:

    5,000 USD / 124,000 Lempiras / 112,500 CZK*

*The prices are based on exchange rates in November 2023. Prices at the time of payment will be recalculated according to the current exchange rate.