Jonesville Caribbean Lot: 2,737 m² in Roatán

Jonesville Caribbean Lot: 2737.65 m² in Roatán

Own Your Slice of Caribbean Paradise in Jonesville, Roatán! Imagine owning a piece of Caribbean magic in Jonesville, Roatán. This special 2737.65 m² (0.68 ac) lot gives you stunning ocean views and a serene spot to embrace nature, the sea, local vibes, and Caribbean rum. Perfect Spot: Escape the busy West Bay beach and easily […]

Paya Bay Roatan: Prime 7.5 Acres Beachfront Hotel Site!

Paya Bay: Aerial shot of 200m beachfront property with access to inland river, perfect for new hotel location or mooring docks.

Exceptional 7.5-acre beachfront parcel, perfectly suited for a luxury 5-star hotel or condominium development. Land apprisal available upon request. Potential Investment Scenarios: Condominimum Development: With an estimated 100% ROI, condominium construction and sale is a high-yielding investment option. Luxury 5-Star Hotel Development: A luxury 5-star hotel on this prime beachfront location could generate a 15% […]