We help investors to promote the acquisition of high-value real estate assets, accessing very attractive property portfolios.At World Luxury Realty we work closely with you by offering an exclusive service, personal and professional advice. Our team of experts, innovative and always in continuous professional evolution, will accompany you throughout the process.

These are new times and at World Luxury Realty we are prepared. We put at your disposal the most innovative tools, knowledge, and technology like 3D Virtual Tours, Drone Videos, customized landing page etc.

As a full time international real estate broker, Zuzana Vanek had the opportunity to work with almost every national group in USA Seattle, Costa Rica, Europe Czech Republic and Honduras Roatan Island.

As my heart felt much happier here I decided to follow the call and moved my business here. This is how I ended up at the pacific cost of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste. Due to my open personality and the resonance with many great local people, I quickly established collaboration with many local builders, land developers and private home sellers and started doing what I can do the best i.e. finding right homes for my clients in their new locations.

So today, we are partnering with several developers, builders and investors along the pacific coast of Guanacaste. Cities with major development sites as Playa Flamingo, Brasilito, Playas Del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Marbella, Tamarindo, Panama and Liberia and many other cities in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I enjoy showing these locations to people and the whole process of finding the best place for their new home.

Our company also become the primary representation of Costa Rica Multiple Listing Services association for Guanacaste (!) allowing us to offer to our buyers the access to the largest property listing database in the country, with the majority of listed homes and properties for sale in Guanacaste visible on our website. So our clients have the highest chance of finding the right homes with us.

Zuzana Vanek

The owner and founder of World Luxury Realty

Sell or rent your home with expert professionals who will connect you with the appropriate buyer/renter.

We provide legal assistance throughout all the processes and the necessary contractual preparation.

We help investors to promote the acquisition of high-value real estate assets, accessing very attractive property portfolios.

We use the best tools available in the market to get the best possible value for your real estate asset, reaching interested buyers in the shortest possible time.